The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is another form of a fascial release. Joolz has trained extensively in the Bowen Technique and has undertaken the most advanced trainings currently available with Bowtec the organisation she is affiliated with.

The technique is done through light clothing or directly on the skin and no oil is used during the session. We look for restricted fascial lines within the body as well as the areas of discomfort or pain reported by the client, and then use this effective yet simple technique to stimulate the underlying fascia and encourage it to release.

The positions of the moves are often places where many muscles, ligaments and tendons connect to each other and as one area relaxes and realigns, messages are passed easily to other areas to do the same. The moves have a great impact on the nervous system, which is why such a light and subtle touch can be used, and the effect on the body is so profound and widespread. Often pauses are involved throughout the treatment where there is little or no contact with the body. It is at these times that the “less is more” approach is used and we allow time for the information to be processed by the body and the new state of release to be integrated.

Clients often report a feeling of deep relaxation during the treatment and although the touch is light and slow the impact is felt very deep in the body. Benefits are often felt very shortly after the sessions when either acute or chronic problems are addressed.

The Bowen Technique is normally short term work depending on the condition and individually tailored exercises will be offered at the end of the sessions to help the body integrate any changes, and allow new, healthier patterns to be laid down.