About Joolz

Massage treatment

How I started

I feel very fortunate to have experienced the benefits of receiving massage for a number of years before I finally started training in bodywork in January 2001. My massage therapist was a constant source of inspiration, showing endless patience as I struggled through my illnesses and tried to learn more about and get in touch with my own body.

I began to feel like a whole person and experience a great sense of relaxation, which, in turn had positive effects in other areas of my life, not just for the oh-so-brief hour I was with her. My body increased in flexibility and suppleness, with improved circulation, and my breathing deepened. These things increased my motivation to change other areas in my life to continue reaping the benefits.

I was always fascinated by our bodies, how we function, what we are capable of doing that is so damaging and how, when we pay ourselves a little attention and care, the body can heal itself and restore an equilibrium. It was great when I finally had the realisation that our body’s job is not to make our lives harder in this already harsh world. In fact it is constantly trying to adjust, to operate at its optimum level, and will do so if given half the chance.


I completed a degree in social sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 1994 with a special interest in psychology. In 1997 I gained a certificate in counselling skills accredited and validated by COSCA. I started training in bodywork in January 2001 and qualified with a diploma in therapeutic massage in June 2002 accredited by ITEC.

My training also included the effects of breathing and relaxation, joint release, meditation exercises and the powerful influence our emotions can have on our physical bodies. In September 2004 I qualified with a diploma in the Bowen technique accredited by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. I attend regular training to ensure a high standard of professional care is maintained and to continue to learn more specialised techniques. Understanding how important movement is in our recovery i have trained as Pilates and Barre teacher and teach bespoke classes. I have also had the pleasure of studying Anatomy In Motion with Gary Ward.

In 2011 I qualified as an SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner). Somatic Experiencing was founded by Peter Levine and is a body-based method in addressing shock, stress and trauma- physical, emotional and psychological. It is a simple process that works with the body’s natural self-regulating systems and doesn’t necessarily involve touch or body work. Further and more specialised training has included pre and peri natal trauma, and developmental trauma. I also assisted in a 3 year training in London. Wider information about Somatic Experiencing can be found on www.seauk.org.uk. In 2012 I completed phase one and two of Brainspotting founded by David Grand, which is a new Brain-Based Psychotherapy approach. It is a tool that is designed to neurobiologically support the clinical healing process. More detail about brainspotting can be found on www.brainspotting.pro. I am a qualified NLP practitioner and have completed the NARM training with Dr Laurence Heller which addresses developmental trauma.

My approach

I am aware of the profound healing qualities of genuine and accepting touch and have the qualification, knowledge and experience to be able to offer this to people. I have over 14 years’ experience of working directly with people. Much of my work has been with adults suffering from problems which often isolate them from society. These include people with mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems, childhood trauma; sexual emotional and physical abuse; HIV/AIDS and physical difficulties. I have over my years of experience acquired the skills and knowledge to work with all kinds of people at their own pace, and to address sensitive issues professionally whilst respecting the individual’s choice and maintaining their dignity.