Joolz Flynn is currently working from two clinics in Edinburgh throughout the week, Pain Recovery Clinic and The Whole Works, and monthly in Wimpole Street, London. Please see tables below for consulting times.

Pain Recovery Clinic
2, Glencairn Crescent
EH12 5BS
Tel: 07891 938 153
(On-street meter parking available.)

The Whole Works
Jacksons Close
209 Royal Mile
Edinburgh EH1 1PZ
Tel 0131 2258092

Tuesday 9:15am – 4.15pm
Thursday 10:00am – 6.30pm
Friday Pilates  9.30am
Wednesday 1.20pm – 7.20pm

The Whole Works is situated in the city centre just off the Royal Mile. Meter street parking is available on Cockburn Street or Blair Street and there is always easy parking on Market or Jeffrey street. There are many local buses that stop on North Bridge or George IV Bridge, both within easy walking distance. There are also bicycle stands along the Royal Mile.

2 Wimpole Street, W1

 Monthly: Every 2nd Monday 8am – 5pm


Therapeutic massage £60: 45 minute treatment £120: 45 minute treatment
The Bowen Technique £60 per session £120 per session
Somatic Experiencing £60 per session £120 per session
Pilates Classes £60 per session
classes £190 block of ten
£25 adhoc

I am able to operate a sliding scale in some circumstances.

Gift Vouchers are available.

Please telephone 07891 938 153 if you would like more information
about treatments or booking.

Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee.


For appointments or general enquiries contact:

Joolz Flynn BSc, SEP, BTAA, CThA,

Call: 0789 193 8153

Email: joolz@painrecoveryclinic.com

Covid-19 Risk Assessment of Pain Recovery Clinic Ltd

This is the risk assessment for Pain Recovery Clinic Ltd and for treatments carried out at the West End Clinic. Risk assessments for the Whole Works and Wimpole Therapeutics are separate and can be found on their websites. Pain Recovery Clinic Ltd adheres to the individual clinics requirements
Check your symptoms
Please cancel your appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:
• You have had a fever in the last 7 days
• You have (or have recently had) a persistent dry cough
• You have lost your sense of taste or smell
• You have been in contact with anyone who’s been diagnosed with Covid 19, or has had any of the above symptoms in the last 14 days

There will be no charge for anyone needing to cancel their appointment for this reason.

Masks must be worn on entry to the West End clinic.

Entrance/Exit Risk: Clients arriving and leaving at the same time. Clients touching hard surfaces.
Mitigation: Client times are booked in with a time gap to prevent any crossover of clients. The following process needs to be followed:

You will be directed to text your practitioner just prior to arriving so the door can be opened for you, to prevent you having any contact with surfaces.

Before entering the West End Clinic, your temperature will be taken, and if it is within normal range then you will be invited in and directed to use hand sanitiser or to wash your hands
Notices alerting clients to use the hand sanitiser are in place
Cleaning of the toilet and treatment room takes place between each client consultation.
There is a supply of disposable face masks available if you have forgotten your mask.
You are requested to continue to wear your mask until you enter the treatment room.
Your therapist will open the treatment room doors and also open the door for clients on entering and exiting the building.

Toilets – Risk Cross infection with people using the toilet.
Mitigation: The toilet flush handle and taps and door handles will be cleaned after each consultation. Hand sanitiser, soap and cloth towels to dry hands are provided. A foot pedal bin is in place for used hand towels.
Waiting room – Risk: Crossover of clients and excessive exposure in waiting area.
Mitigation: Clients are asked to arrive immediately before their appointment. There is currently no waiting area available.
Clients are requested to text at the start of their appointment time and the door will be opened for them by the therapist, in order to start the process above.
Treatment rooms – Risk: crossover between clients and therapists.
As far as is possible, your therapist will see one client online followed by one client in person, to ensure maximal time gap between clients.
A medical air purifier is continually operating in the treatment room to clean the air.
For trauma work chairs are placed more than 2 meters apart. Your therapist will direct the client to the treatment room, having opened the treatment room door prior to their arriving, and will follow 2 metres behind. Hand sanitiser is provided in the room.

The chairs are large, comfortable, moulded plastic, and are disinfected between each client consultation. A pedal bin for rubbish is provided and rubbish is removed after every consultation.

All clothes must be placed on the plastic chair when undressing.
There is an absolute minimum of 10 minutes’ gap between clients, if there is not an option to alternate one client online with one client in person. After each in person session the treatment room will be cleaned and aired.
The air purifier will be on during the session, and after the session the room will either be ventilated (weather permitting) or the air purifier turned up to maximum.

Body work: Risks associated with hands-on body work


Treatment times will be reduced to 45 minutes face to face consultation. Your therapist will conduct a telephone or online consultation prior to the appointment. During the telephone consultation they will go over entry procedure with you and send a consent form via email to be completed. They will text you the night before to check you have not developed any new Covid 19 symptoms.

Your therapist will wear a mask throughout the treatment.

When on the table, you are required to wear a mask when side lying or supine. When you are lying face down you may remove your mask as there is a pillow case over the face cradle to catch the aerosol coming from the client in this position. The pillow case is removed straight after the treatment, and washed.

On the table, you will lie on top of a newly washed sheet and be covered with a newly washed fleece. Both sheet and fleece are removed immediately after the treatment and washed.

All surfaces that have been touched will be disinfected after a consultation, or removed and washed

Your therapist will wash their hands thoroughly before and after touching the you.

Mugs or glasses risk: cross contamination
Mitigation: Clients are informed they need to bring their own water as drinks should not be provided at this current time.
However, if during the treatment the client needs water and has not brought any, then your therapist will provide a glass of water, and then remove and wash the glass in hot soapy water as soon as the client has left

Handling cash – risk: cross contamination
All clients should pay by BAC prior to the session.

If clients are not able to pay electronically, your therapist will accept cash/cheque payments. These payments will be placed in a separate envelope, and full hygiene measures will be taken after handling it.

Form filling – risk: cross contamination


All forms relating to specific measures necessary during the pandemic will be sent via email to the client to complete and return via email.

Your therapist will conduct any consultation online or by telephone with you and complete the necessary intake form.